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Our attorneys and staff interact extensively with our clients, creating a partnership. We are personally involved in every case and are dedicated to helping our clients receive their deserved compensation. Whether you need help with a personal injury law case, a family law situation, or a civil law attorney, our team in Slidell & Covington, LA, is guaranteed to fight with determination and fairness to ensure you receive a positive outcome.

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Personal Injury Law

If you were injured in an accident at no fault of your own, you will need a skilled attorney to deal with the insurance company and their team of experts. Insurance companies employ experienced claims adjusters who often attempt to contact you and record a statement immediately after an accident. In those recorded statements the questions asked by the insurance company are designed to minimize any compensation owed to you.

Do not provide a recorded statement to a third-party insurance company. You are often contractually required to provide a statement to, and cooperate with, your insurance company. It is important to mention all injuries during these calls as this evidence will be used against you in the future.

How an Attorney Can Help

We recommend allowing our attorneys to assist you and control this process. We will help ensure your property damage to your vehicle is paid quickly so you can be inconvenienced as little as possible. We can also recommend several physicians who may be able to treat you. Physician selection and all medical decisions are solely at the client’s discretion.
If necessary, we have medical experts at our disposal who can serve as witnesses in your case and help prove your injuries are directly related to your accident and will have an impact on your future. Because most personal injury cases are contingency based, you will only pay us if we recover a settlement on your claim.


Litigation simply refers to any matter that is going to court, whether it be a business dispute, collection matter, succession issue, or real estate transaction dispute. Our attorneys are experienced litigators and routinely handle all types of litigation. This type of representation is fact-dependent and often requires consultation and review of documents to understand the issues.

Business Litigation

Business litigation refers to disputes between partners or owners of a company. Our firm has handled many litigation matters between owners and partners of various entities. This includes ownership and control issues, wrongful distribution of corporate assets, breaches of fiduciary duty, enforcement of non-competition agreements, corporate liquidations, and operating agreement disputes. Each situation is unique and highly fact-dependent, please contact our offices today to consult with an attorney regarding your individual circumstances.


Succession is the process of probate in Louisiana. When someone dies, in order to transfer their assets into the names of the heirs you have to open a succession. While our firm handles routine successions, we also handle succession litigation involving various issues. Each particular case is different and fact-dependent. Our attorneys specialize in litigation over succession assets and disputes with or for the administrator of the succession.

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Family Law

Family Law is a broad description of many areas of the law including divorce litigation, child custody, child support, property division, spousal support, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, and community property partitions. Our firm handles select family law issues. The matters we are involved in often require extensive litigation over assets of the community or child custody. Each individual case is fact-dependent and requires extensive time depending on the circumstances.

Auto Accidents

Not all injuries caused by auto accidents are noticeable right away. Some may not take effect until days after the accident. Often whiplash or neck injury victims will feel fine at the accident scene, but be in pain days later. You should report all injuries to a medical provider as soon as possible. Any delay in reporting injuries will be used by the other insurance company as evidence that you were not hurt at the time of the accident. It is also important to contact your attorney and document any medical attention and injuries sustained; the more information we have will result in a stronger argument for your case. Our firm specializes in auto accidents and will assist with recovering the maximum financial compensation for treatment of injuries, loss of wages, and property damage that can occur when you are the victim of an auto collision.

Dog Bites

Most dog bites go unreported and uncompensated, even though in some instances home insurance coverage is typically involved. If you are the victim of a dog bite, take photos of the injury and document any medical treatment sought. We can assist in evaluating your claim. This requires a detailed review of the homeowner’s insurance policy to determine if dog bites are a covered loss. We can assist you in a claim whether it just be for compensation for medical treatment or if your claim includes lost income, loss of future income, and/or physical disfigurement. We will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf to receive maximum financial compensation for your injuries. If necessary, we will file suit and prosecute the claim.

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Drunk Drivers

If you are the victim of a car accident with what might be a drunk driver, pay close attention at the scene of the accident and tell the officers if you noticed the driver swerving, drifting, or erratically driving prior to the accident. As a victim, you do not need to prove that the driver was legally intoxicated; only that his mental or physical abilities were impaired by alcohol or drugs and led to the accident. Victims of drunk drivers in Louisiana can be awarded punitive damages in addition to compensation for injuries. That means a judge or jury can award you compensation for your injuries and property loss as well as for losses due to inability to work and/or mental and physical suffering as a result of the accident. You will need a skilled trial attorney to prove your case in order to win the maximum cash award possible.

Truck/18-Wheeler Accidents

An accident involving a large truck, 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, tanker truck, bus, cargo truck, or construction vehicle requires immediate investigation to protect and preserve crucial evidence. We have expert witnesses at our disposal to combat the trucking company’s own team of investigators who are savvy at ensuring their company doesn’t pay. We will search for eyewitnesses, skid marks, accident debris, and fluid stains to prove your case—all of which can disappear quickly, which is why you should contact us as soon as possible.

It is not uncommon for both the truck driver as well as the trucking company to be at fault for some form of negligence. A skilled personal injury attorney will have knowledge of specific federal and state laws that apply to truck drivers and companies (but do not apply to regular automobile drivers) to make sure you are protected and recover the maximum amount for your injuries.

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